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Feel free to explore the website, and don't hesitate to contact us with questions/comments. - Members of the Marcotte Lab :-)

== Research == 
Our group studies the large-scale organization of proteins, essentially trying to reconstruct the 'wiring diagrams' of cells by learning how all of the proteins encoded by a genome are associated into functional pathways, systems, and networks. Such models let us better define the functions of genes, and to link genes to traits and diseases. See more on the [[Research]] page.

== Contact ==
See the [[People]] page for individual contact info. 

* Physical location : MBB 3.128/3.148 [ Where is MBB?]
* Address for Correspondence:
Edward Marcotte
2500 Speedway, MBB 3.148BA
Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas 78712

* Phone: 512-232-3919 (General Lab Phone)
* Fax: 512-232-3472
* Campus Mail Code: A4800

== Quick links ==
See [[Links]] for more useful links.
* [;title=Marcotte+Lab+Internal+Home internal wiki]
* [ prior (out-of-date) internal wiki]
* Additional information as supplements to papers submitted to various scientific journals, hosted on the [ central bioinformatics server].
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